Tracking a Pathogen through its Genome: the challenges and opportunities of the global governance of genomic surveillance

In this interview, News-Medical talks to Henry Fingerhut, Senior Policy Analyst for Science and Innovation at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, about genome monitoring and related opportunities and challenges.Henry recently published in collaboration with Professor Derrick Crook of Oxford’s Nafield School of Medicine. Global Governance of Genomic Pathogen SurveillanceA dissertation outlining recent history … Read more

seqWell appoints Dr Amy Liao to Board of Directors

SeqWell, a global provider of genomic library workflow solutions that include plexWell ™ next-generation sequencing (NGS) multiplexing technology, today announced the appointment of Dr. Amy Liao to its board of directors. Amy joins the current board of directors, led by Chairman Paul McCuan. This appointment will support the commercial development of our existing and future … Read more

FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe to partner with the BOpA Innovation Chair to support advances in the operating room

FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe is pleased to announce a new partnership with the “Expanded Operating Room” (BOpA) Innovation Chair to accelerate the development of digital surgical technology. BOpA Innovation Chair – Partnership between Greater Paris University Hospitals | AP-HP, Institut Mines-Télécom (IMT), Université Paris-Saclay – Develop Digital Techniques to Identify Common Operating Room Problems and Support … Read more

Preventive care may be free, but follow-up diagnostic tests can bring big bills

Cynthia Johnson almost postponed being tested for breast cancer when she learned that the diagnostic mammogram in Houston had a $ 200 out-of-pocket cost. “I really didn’t need to use it, I thought it probably wouldn’t be anything,” said Johnson, who is involved in educational evaluation at the university. However, she was able to put … Read more

Opioid tapering associated with increased overdose and mental health crisis extending up to 2 years

Is there a risk of long-term overdose and mental health in weight loss in patients receiving stable opioid therapy? Researchers at the UC Davis Center for Healthcare Policy and Research have investigated the potential long-term risk of opioid dose tapering. They were on stable but high-dose opioid therapy, and patients who taped the dose by … Read more

Paramedic from Utah bought a one-way ticket to Ukraine when Russia invaded. Now she’s helping to keep other foreign fighters alive | CNN

Ukraine, near Kharkiv CNN — — Driving on bumpy dirt roads, local police take us to a forested area, where they say foreign fighter units are based.It ’s a village like there are many in this part of Ukraine – Visible signs that the house has been destroyed Bombardment.. As you walk under the trees, … Read more

Nanomaterial-based devices may be a viable option for monitoring, treatment of cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for approximately 17.9 million (32%) of all deaths worldwide each year. While monitoring and treatment can reduce the incidence of death, health care options are limited by the rigidity and biological incompatibility of traditional devices such as blood pressure sensors. Nanomaterials may have an answer, … Read more

New statement on best practice recommendations for the care of women experiencing menopause

Best practice recommendations for medical professionals who provide support and support to women experiencing menopause are the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (BMS), the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (RCOG), and. It was published in a joint opinion from the Endocrine Society (SfE). This statement addresses growing concerns about hormone replacement therapy (HRT) … Read more

People with higher blood DHA levels are 49% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease, study shows

New research announced today Nutrients According to the Fatty Acid Research Institute (FARI), people with high blood DHA levels are 49% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than people with low blood DHA levels. The study, led by Aleix Sala-Vila, PhD, found that providing additional dietary omega 3 DHA, especially to those who carry the … Read more

Rehabilitation program via telehealth to help regional and rural women recovering from gynecological cancer

Rural and rural women recovering from gynecological cancer and treatment will have access to the University of Queensland’s rehabilitation program through telemedicine. Professor Sandy McCarthy From UQ Faculty of Nursing / Midwifery / Social WorkAnd Mater Research co-leader Healthcare delivery and innovation Said additional funding from the program, Wesley Medical Research Is expanding Accumen A … Read more