Insight into Organic Antiambipolar Transistors: WPI-MANA

Tsukuba, Japan, October 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Researchers at the International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (WPI-MANA) reveal the mechanisms behind organic antiambipolar transistors (OAATs), a new class of transistors with applications in artificial intelligence and neuromorphic devices. elucidated.


Transistors are one of the fundamental building blocks of modern technology and electronics. The advent of artificial intelligence and brain-like devices has created a need to perform multiple logic gate operations on the same transistor chip. Even the gold standard, complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) transistors, cannot handle such a large amount of operations. Therefore, a search for possible techniques is being carried out.

WPI-MANA ​​researchers led by Dr. Ryoma Hayakawa, is investigating a new class of transistors, the OAAT. OAATs can support multiple logic gate operations due to a unique property called negative differential transconductance (NDT). Extensive research by a research team led by Dr. Yutaka Wakayama, firstly elucidated the charge carrier mechanisms in these devices and then considered applying them to multiple logic gate operations. “We needed to know how OAAT works and we were able to improve it. So we used a technique called operando photoelectron microscopy (PEEM) to study the electrons in OAAT. After that, I was able to understand where the transistors are: junctions have exciting switchable properties,” Wakayama explains.

PEEM experiments showed that a depletion layer forms at the lateral pn interface. This creates a large potential difference and enhances electronic conduction within the transistor. Armed with this knowledge, the research team explored its applicability. “By adjusting the input voltage across the OAAT, he was able to achieve five different logic gate operations with the same device. With a given set of inputs he could even switch between two logic gates,” says Wakayama. explains Mr.

OAAT is stable and reliable and works for months. They can outperform CMOS devices in many applications. With this in mind, the work done at WPI-MANA ​​has significantly reduced the number of transistors required in today’s integrated circuits, increasing their processing power, and the use of more advanced technologies capable of handling large amounts of computation. may enable the development of

Research Highlights Vol. 79

MANA Research Highlights

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SOURCE International Center for Nanoarchitectonics (WPI-MANA); National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)

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